Top Tips

Here are some top DIY grant writing tips for success:

Know what funding opportunities are available and when. Match grants with the purpose and future direction of your business or community organisation.

Align your project with the aims, objectives and outcomes of the funding provider/program. For government funding, link your project to relevant government strategies.

ALWAYS review the funding guidelines to confirm eligibility, what the funding can be used for and whether you need to provide a financial co-contribution (cash or in-kind).

Discuss any questions you have with the funding body before heading too far down the wrong path.

Consider innovative ways to sell your project or show how your project provides a solution to an issue.

Your application should provide a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and how, when your project will be delivered, how much it will cost and how much funding is required.

Answer questions using plain English, avoiding subjective or emotive language.

Attach all requested documentation, including quotes and letters of support as well as data to strengthen your application. Go next level with some data analysis.

Have someone check your application before you submit it to ensure answers are concise and within word/character limits and there are no spelling errors.

Ensure all application financials add up. Double check!

Be realistic in what you can deliver within the defined timeframe and budget. Perhaps share the load by partnering with another organisation.

Give yourself plenty of time. Writing a grant application in a rush rarely works.