Regional Data

Our Regional Data

View compelling insights into the economic structure of the region and the contributions of local industries to employment, output, wages and salaries, regional imports and exports and more.

Data Specialists

If you need data that isn’t covered in our own information above, get in touch with a specialist data consultant to get the modelling and analysis you need to support your application.

For almost 20 years REMPLAN has been supporting thousands of people with data and analysis that is accurate and up-to-date, enabling timely, evidence based decision making about where to live, work and invest. REMPLAN has extensive experience working with both public and private sectors that provides the team to provide customised solutions to support organisational decision making and strategy.

Geografia are a multidisciplinary team conducting research and developing insights in demography, economics and spatial planning to inspire leaders and decision-makers to create a better future for communities around the world. Services include economic modelling, analysis and forecasting, economic impact and cost benefit, data collection, research, supply-demand modelling.

As a demographic based consulting company, .id provides a unique combination of population expertise and demographic information to enhance your decision-making process. .id’s team of demographers, economic specialists, population forecasters, and location analysis experts has extensive knowledge of people and places to tackle community planning, economic and social issues.